Treasure Hunt

Put your sleuthing skills to the test with our weekly Treasure Hunt. Solve this week’s puzzle (posted on Monday) to lead you to your very own treasure for the taking! All treasure will be placed in a visible location (no digging) and on public land (no trespassing).

If you find the treasure, let us know by emailing, filling out the contact form or messaging us on Facebook. If you’d like your find to be featured on this page and/or our social media, include a photo with your treasure or at the secret location!

Congratulations, Dave, on finding the boat/model books!

June 1 crossword

*FOUND* Blowboat kit

June 1, 2020, word search

Bonehenge glass

May 26, 2020 crossword

*FOUND* Assorted “treasure” for kids

May 26, 2020 word search

*FOUND* Surfing NC book, written by Maritime Museum staff

May 18, 2020 crossword

*FOUND* Pirate “treasure” for kids

May 18, 2020 word search

*FOUND* Tooth replica from a sperm whale

May 11, 2020 puzzle