Online activities

While you can’t come to us, let us come to you — virtually! Join us via our social channels and dive into the fun.



We also have some activity sheets and booklets available for download.


Activity sheets

Build your own paper boat, color a spritsail skiff, design your own pirate flag, and help the Shackleford Banks whalers locate the right whale.



Discover Maritime North Carolina

Learn about North Carolina’s coast in this booklet, created by former maritime museum staff. Discover Maritime North Carolina features information and activities related to coastal and marine life habitats, inshore waters, shipwrecks, lifesaving services and more.


Fun with whales

Enjoy familiar games — a crossword and making words with letters — with a whale of a twist in these activities from our Summer Science School programs.


Coastal North Carolina Activity Book

NOAA has also created an activity book about the North Carolina coast. It’s part of their Regional Activity Book Series, which features coastal areas from across the country.