North Carolina Maritime Museum’s 44th Annual Wooden Boat Show

The longest running boat show in the Southeast, Saturday, May 5, 2018.

BEAUFORT, NC – Whether you’re a boating enthusiast or prefer to keep your feet on dry land, the 44th Annual Wooden Boat Show has activities for you.

The show takes place at the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort on Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Annual Wooden Boat Show is the longest ongoing wooden boat show in the Southeast.

This free event celebrates the art of wooden boat building, the sport of boat racing, and the culture and history that surrounds these boats. Dozens of handcrafted wooden boats, full size and model, will be on display with many coming from outside North Carolina.

The 44th Annual Wooden Boat Show has once again received top honors from the Southeast Tourism Society.

The Society recognized the North Carolina Maritime Museum’s Annual Wooden Boat Show as a “Top 20 Event for the Southeast” for May 2018. This is the fourth year in a row the museum has received the prestigious honor for the Annual Wooden Boat Show.

Paul Fontenoy, Museum Curator and Wooden Boat Show Coordinator, says the show has something to offer everyone, even if you’re not a wooden boat enthusiast.

“We pay a lot of attention to making sure the show is not just interesting for wooden boat enthusiasts,” Fontenoy explains. “We have activities for children and opportunities for families to do things together, such as taking a boat ride, he said”

Highlights of the 44th Annual Wooden Boat Show include:

Wooden Boat Kids

The show’s younger visitors will find plenty to do at the Wooden Boat Show. Starting at 10 a.m., children will be invited to sand, design and assemble their own wooden boats. Upon completion, they will have the opportunity to race their boat against other children’s boats. If preferred, they can blow wind in their sails while boating on the temporary pond on the museum’s front patio. This craft is very popular and boat supplies often run out early. We encourage children to come by the Wooden Boat Kids area early to make their boat, get a temporary tattoo, or to test their strength.

Free Sailboat Rides

Families can enjoy a traditional wooden sailboat ride on Taylor’s Creek. On Saturday, May 5, free boat rides in a traditional wooden boat will be offered from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. On Thursday, May 3, and Friday, May 4, free boat rides will be also offered from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. outside the Watercraft Center (a $5 per person donation is suggested, which will go to the sailing program).

Traditional Sailboat Races

Watch the races on Taylor’s Creek. The will take place at 11 a.m. Spritsail Race, 2 p.m. Beaufort Oars Gig Race, and 3 p.m. Traditional Sailboat Races

Carolina Maritime Model Expo

One of the main attractions at the Annual Wooden Boat Show is the many traditional wooden boats. But, there’s another show that takes place on a smaller scale and it’s always a big draw for boat enthusiasts and landlubbers alike. It’s the Carolina Maritime Model Exposition with model boats ranging in average size from 25” to 40”.

In past years the number of model boats on exhibit has ranged from thirty to close to sixty models. Often some members of the Carolina Maritime Model Society bring in as many as eight to ten models each. Some of these models are equipped with their own motors and their designers will be demonstrating their abilities in the larger pond set up on the front patio throughout the boat show.

“These handcrafted vessels are indeed a labor of love, sometimes taking 12 to 14 months to complete,” according to Grant Caraway, Manager of the Museum’s Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center.

Attendees to the show will have the opportunity to vote for “Spectator’s Choice” award. The award goes to the “most popular” model at the show and is voted on solely by those visitors. The exposition is held in the auditorium of the North Carolina Maritime Museum.

Cricket II, the boat that inspired the movie Jaws

Two years ago, the legendary Cricket II made its debut at Beaufort’s Annual Wooden Boat Show. Once again, visitors to the Beaufort waterfront will have the opportunity to see the fishing boat that became the inspiration for the book and movie Jaws.

In-Water Boat Show

In addition to the Cricket II, a number of boats will be on display at the Beaufort Town Docks. From Sinbad’s pirate ship the Meka II to a traditional Core Sounder fishing boat and others may offer tours aboard.

Barbour Boat Works

The North Carolina Maritime Museum has partnered with the Barbour Boat Owners Association of New Bern to showcase the largest number of Barbour boats in the 42 year history of the show. Visitors can learn about the Barbour Boat Works from an exhibit inside the Museum to learn more about where these beautiful boats were built.

Boating Skills Virtual Trainer

Fort Macon Sail & Power Squadron has partnered with the North Carolina Maritime Museum to bring a Boating Skills Virtual Trainer for demonstration. Attendees will have an opportunity to “virtually” maneuver the “Boston Whaler Dauntless 200” on a lake where there are no risks as you approach other boats in meeting, crossing, and overtaking situations. In addition to the Annual Wooden Boat Show, the Fort Macon virtual demonstration will also take place on Friday, May 4 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday May 6 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Nautical Rope Tying

Don Van Hoy became fascinated with rope work while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. That was over fifteen years ago and his fascination still continues. He is keeping alive a tradition of working with ropes and knots for practical purposes. Known as Marlinspike seamanship, the practice goes back as long as there have been ships going to sea. Van Hoy will be demonstrating the art of knot work.

North Carolina Wooden Boat Model Display

There will be a display of wooden model North Carolina boats by Robert Tuttle of Winston-Salem. He will have to scale model boats including Harkers Island shallow water skiffs and Core Sound workboats.

See Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge Exhibit

In 1718, the notorious pirate Blackbeard lost his flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, when it ran aground in Beaufort Inlet. For more than 270 years, it was hidden by water and sand – the location a mystery to archaeologists around the world. In 1996, private company Intersal, Inc. discovered the shipwreck.

The Museum became the official repository for all artifacts from Blackbeard’s wrecked flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, among them cannons, grenades, belt buckles and beads. The permanent exhibit opened in June 2011 and expanded in January 2015. Free admission to the museum and donations are always welcome.

And Much More…

“We took steps in 2016 to make the show more interactive than in the past,” stated David Cartier, Public Relations Coordinator for the North Carolina Maritime Museums. Two years ago, we created an event-specific website for the Annual Wooden Boat Show. Through the use of QR Codes throughout the show, participants will again be able to access the new website. The site will feature detailed information about the show. The website is

“We pack so much into one day, we want people to discover the vast number of programs we offer during the show,” stated Mr. Cartier. Participants will be able to access the complete show schedule through the use of smartphones.

In addition, participants will be able to vote for their favorite “Best of Show” boat in the Annual Wooden Boat Show and the “Spectator’s Choice” at the Carolina Maritime Model Expo through the ability to “text-to-vote.” As an option, paper ballots will be available for the youngsters only to vote for the “Kid’s Choice” award.

“We really tried to make the boat show more interactive two years ago by making certain aspects more digital,” Mr. Cartier said. He was quick to point out that “participants and visitors agreed that it was a big success.”

The kick-off reception for the 44th Annual Wooden Boat Show will be held at the Harvey W. Smith Watercraft Center on Friday, May 4. The event includes food and live music from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 per person and are available at the Museum Store.

Sponsorships for the 44th Annual Wooden Boat Show are available by contacting Gina Holland, Director of Development and Communications for Friends of the NC Maritime Museum at 252-728-1638 or by email at

For more information on the 44th Annual Wooden Boat Show or to register your boat online to be in the show, visit the website at

The 44th Annual Wooden Boat Show is held simultaneously with the 11th Annual Beaufort National Boatbuilding Challenge on Front Street so the day will be flooded with enthusiasts and spectators.

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